GSO Test

Year Six

We currently have three Year 6 classes at Riverside.  

Children throughout the school are involved in the creative development of their Learning Challenge. Each week the children set themselves a smaller Learning Challenge question to help drive their learning forward.  

The planned themes for Year 6 are outlined below. Due to the nature of the Learning Challenge Curriculum, these themes could change.

Term 1: What would it be like to be in the shoes of people in WW2?

Term 2: What was life like without electricity?

Term 3: Why should the world be ashamed of slavery?

Term 4: Who killed Duncan?

Term 5: What’s the latest trend?

Term 6: Could you win the X-factor?

The children have a daily literacy and numeracy lesson. 

In Year 6 children are assessed in line with statutory assessment tests (SATs).  These take place in May 2018.  It is important for all children to attend school during this assessment period.


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We follow the Nelson scheme of work for handwriting.
You can download a copy of the letter formation by clicking this icon